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2014-07-12 00:19:13 by Hendertaker


Hello people! My new hardware is finally here so you know what that means? Time to make the best Super Smash Bros sprite movie the world has seen! I have lots of updates and stuff to cover so here i go!

First of all i want to say that i am very thankful to all those that have suported me all these years, likes my stuff and made me have a dream! I that what i have acomplished is not much but the little acomplishments i have reached in this website motivated me and made me think of the things you can achive if you just work hard! When i got my first daily prize, never in my mind i had the thought that one of my movies was good enough to be so good to top all the most of the submisions of the day (and back in the day the portal was flooded with stuff everyday) so my 15 year old mind just exploded and i started to get ambitious and tried to get better because i had a chance to become something.

I have tried to improve every aspect of my animation and also myself all these years, my drawing, animation even spelling and grammar (still not that great though) because my god... my eyes just bleed when i read my past films, i almost want to cry (i think i am kind of decent now), but time has passed and everybody has goten a millions time better, and it has been hard for me to try to keep up with the level of quality that people have in their movies, but i think i am finally ready, i want to make a step out of sprite animation into hand drawn animation, but if the demand is good with Smash Bros ST 7 i could make sprite stuff for you guys, but also work on other stuff, i know i chat alot about the things that are about to come and what i plan and bla bla bla.. i know sometimes even i get sick of myself and just think, less talk and more work! But the truth is that i never like to release work that i dont think i has some great quality standard, my last two films (The sonic one and the weird animal nazi porn thing) were the best quality i could get the the hardware i had in the time, but now i have this big sexy monster ready to fucking destroy everything!

In another note, i have been working recently with a friend on this kind of machinima youtube channel, we only have two videos and it's a spanish channel, but currently it dosent matter because the two videos we have are like some music video montages with some funny cut out stuff and effects, if you have the time take a look and tell me what you think, if by a miracle of god you guys like it and the demand is high i will make an english version of the channel and upload the same shit but all english for you, i will leave you a link to the channel and the two videos bellow.

For the ones waiting Smash Bros ST 7, it's time, im working on it and it's like 15% done but for the ones that want to sugest characters plot ot anything please tell me because the project is still early and i can still make some twists (BTW im starting by scratch because the version of 7 that was on youtube is GONE forever). Well thank you for all of your suport and  if you read the entire thing i fucking love you.



Link to the channel:

Nidhogg video:

Adventure time Moba video:


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2014-07-12 13:45:23

I'm happy and proud of you of stepping up your art , animation , drawing and sprites. You are applaud :).

Hendertaker responds:

Thanks man! I really appreciate it!