Got a facebook page in case somebody gives a fuck.

2014-08-04 18:15:00 by Hendertaker
Updated Post me something!! ANYTHING :( !!!!!!!


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2014-08-04 18:23:15

Like plz


2014-08-05 05:27:35

haha no one cares

Hendertaker responds:

This is your butt --> B C==================8 <---- And this is a Super Saiyan Penis


2014-08-05 07:11:54

There ya go, I liked it. Now go fix up your YouTube channel too? :)

Hendertaker responds:

Speaking of Youtube.. that shit just got fixed, i received an e-mail, and it seems my account is on a good standing again, i had so many copyright strikes (above 3) and they wanted to take down my channel so i sent like a million emails.. and i think everything is good now. :)


2014-08-05 16:52:55

only if you like my page hurr

Hendertaker responds:

Link plz?