Entry #33

What day did you sign in on Newgrounds?

2015-12-23 04:07:10 by Hendertaker

My first day was 6/16/07


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2015-12-23 04:23:19


Hendertaker responds:

I was in my senior year in high school at the time : )


2015-12-23 05:41:39


Hendertaker responds:

I was watching some of your work. I like your 3D work :D.


2015-12-23 07:05:04

at the 8th day of the week

Hendertaker responds:

A very recent member and btw nice art!


2015-12-23 07:54:51

Just now :D

Hendertaker responds:

Welcome to Newgrounds :D


2015-12-23 18:20:31

5/31/06, I actually waited till I was 13 to sign up lol

(Updated ) Hendertaker responds:

An 06 user :O. It's been like forever, i remember back in the day living the frustration of uploading a movie the same day the Kitty Krew decided to attack, or the Star Syndicate or those got dam Clocks! But boy do i miss them :(.

I mean they did make tons of shity movies, blamed allot of good ones but.. that was the magic of Newgrounds. There were active battles going on, we had our public enemy and people just made movie battles shitting each other, those were such good days.

An honor to meet you sir!


2015-12-23 18:34:58

7/10/04. I was 14 at the time.

Hendertaker responds:

Omg! I was 13 at the time but i didn't discover Newgrounds until a friend brought a floppy disk with one Flash movie that changed my life, "Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom" by Randy Solem R.I.P. After i saw it i was speechless, i had never seen something like that before, and i googled the movie that night at the speed of sound with mah AOL internet LOL and ended up in this magical land.


2015-12-23 20:19:32


Hendertaker responds:

Kind of new. It's your turn to write history in this site! :D


2015-12-23 21:56:36


I'm not lying. I didn't realize what I had done until afterwards. :P

Hendertaker responds:

The 420 in the date made me lol.
And im not sure if it's just me but i don't remember why i stopped being so social in the site.
In 2009 i kind of got away from the site, i started dating and overall be a more social man irl but i really miss my nights of just surfing the web and talking to strangers.


2015-12-24 05:22:30

2/15/01 I had been a regular on the site for at least a year before joining, just had to make sure NG was legit

Hendertaker responds:

Holy shit you knew about Newgrounds 5 years after it's creation!! Your eyes witnessed almost the entire history of the site.

Im so jelly!


2015-12-24 17:30:48

10-28-07, but hell remember playing violent celebrity killing games on here when I was like 9. Typically anyone that had to do with Britney Spears. I miss the good old days (Late 00s) when everyone was mean to each other and we had all those video game parodies making fun of other video game parodies. Those days... man. They're gone. All we got now is non-stop video game parodies on the front page every freaking day. Where has my website gone? Stupid anime and video game nuts! You took my joooob! Took mah jerrrrrrrb!

Hendertaker responds:

It's funny because almost all my content is anime/video game related lmao, but it's cool, i totally understand.
It's just easier to get attention if you make content out of something that people know, you get feedback quickly and it helps you improve so that's my reason.
Another reason i think people stoped making videos for fun is because everybody gotto competitive, the quality of animations got incredibly high and everybody is just downvoting everything for any stupid reason, people have less sympathy with content creators and have no idea the hard work it takes to make animations.
I do plan making original content but i need an audience so it can pay off, i just can't take the risk in making something new by an artist nobody knows, people aint clikin that shit and i won't be able to pay the rent tehehe.
Anyway Merry Christmas!


2015-12-24 17:48:56


I been here for a little while.

Hendertaker responds:

2 more weeks and it's your 14th Newgrounds anniversary.
Also in an unrelated note i watched your Jet Chicken movie and it reminded me a flash i made some time ago but never got finished, it was also about a chicken with a jetpack, it made me feel the nostalgia.

Anyway happy holidays!


2016-01-06 13:09:11

I signed up for newgrounds in 2004 but I got real busy with college and stufff, I created a new account in 2013.I am not an animator but I love all the cretive artists on this site.Its a one of a kind site if anything happened to Newgrounds like it wasan't here I would go crazy


2016-06-05 03:18:38

5/25/16. very new :s.


2017-02-15 14:28:01

Exactly one week after you.